How to Find the Perfect Umbrella Stand for a Store, Hotel, or Commercial Business

Everyone knows that preventing slip and fall accidents starts with a proactive plan for keeping floors clean, dry, and safe throughout operating hours. Hotels, retail storefronts, and high end shopping and leisure destinations understand this concept well. Visit any of these commercial properties, and you will always find products designed to minimize moisture and debris accumulation. Most popular are commercial mats and umbrella bag stands. These two products are designed to neutralize the biggest safety threats: Dirty shoes and wet umbrellas. Mat selection should be based on several factors, including visitor flow, temperature, mat location, and weather needs. Many of the same standards can be used to select an umbrella safety product as well. Cans, stands, racks, and “automatic umbrella wrappers” are 4 of the most popular umbrella products on the market. Visit this article for a point blank comparison of the pros and cons of each, including price and liability concerns.


Free Shipping and Price Match Guarantee on All Umbrella Bag Stands

Thinking of enhancing customer experience, but not sure where to start? It’s a common challenge for most businesses in retail, hospitality, and service industries. And for brands that rely on in-store/ on-site interaction with customers, nothing builds a positive first impression better than letting them know you care. Good aesthetics, helpful employees, and safety are all essentials. In addition to floor mats and coat checks, businesses are also investing in wet umbrella bag stands to address customer experience, service, and safety concerns. Read more about these must-have safety products, and learn how you can earn Free Shipping and a 100% Price Match Guarantee when you order online.

3 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Umbrella Stands

Whether aiming to improve visitor safety or simply looking to show you guests some appreciation, commercial umbrella stands are a cost-effective investment that is easy to use and maintain. Simply put, these specialty umbrella stands create value. Though a subtle gesture, offering guests and umbrella bag shows your business cares about both safety and service. There are a variety of stands at different price points, making it easy for property owners to select a quality product that is both affordable and effective. Visit this article to learn more about commercial umbrella stands and key factors to consider when purchasing one for your place of business.

Different Kinds of Umbrella Stands

What type of umbrella stand is right for your place of business? In this guide, we explore a few of the most popular models. At the premium level, auto-wrappers are available to give guests a high tech way to wrap and stow their umbrella. A more middle-road option, combo umbrella racks are a commercial-grade version of the traditional “umbrella can”, providing 12-24 different vertical spaces for guests to leave their umbrella during store visits. Most simple and economical is the umbrella cylinder, a traditional looking can in which umbrellas can be left vertically. Learn more about these different models in this guide, and invest in a solution that will keep the floors of your property dry during the rainy days of spring.

How Do Umbrella Bag Stands Work?

Perhaps you seen wet umbrella bag stands at the entryway of your favorite hotel, mall, or grocery store. But do you know how to use them? In this practical guide, we look at the different styles of umbrella bag dispensers (yes, there are more than 1!) Then, we explore the best ways to use the products effectively, without slipping and falling in the process. A quick-read, this guide is a good introduction to umbrella wrapping products for anyone who has heard of the product but might be uncertain how unique models differ in function.,1297076.html

Crowd Management Tips for Retailers

Each year, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) publishes tips for crowd management safety for retailers. This year, OSHA released a statement encouraging all retail outlets to review in-store strategy for preventing accidents and protecting individuals during busy holiday shopping events (i.e. Black Friday). Visit this article for a summary of OSHA’s release, including tips for planning, controlling, and satisfying large crowds of customers. The holiday season might be over, but crowd management is still a safety concern!

Umbrella Bagger Announces Free Shipping on All Umbrella Stands

Looking for a way to keep your facility safe this spring? Focus on rainwater accumulation to prevent accidents, according to the facility safety experts at Sub-standard floor surfaces are a primary contributor to slip and fall accidents, according to studies published by American insurer CNA, leading property owners to invest in products that keep floors safe for guests. In addition to conventional commercial matting, businesses are wise to invest in umbrella wrappers and/or stands to prevent additional rainwater from being tracked past the entryway and across facility floors. This spring, property owners earn unparalleled savings on, as the company has announced free shipping and a 100% Price Match Guaranteed on all products sold online.