Is Your Entryway Making a Positive First Impression?

If you work in retail, you’ve probably heard the expression that “The devil is in the details.” As cliche as it may be, the saying is only so well known because it holds true for so many different types of merchants, brands, and service providers. Especially in today’s digitally connected world, businesses are pressured to take great lengths to “wow” prospects and gain their business. In this article, we look at the commercial safety products that ultimately help businesses create a positive first impression with potential customers. Things like floor mats, uplifting decor, and legible signage may seem simple, but psychological theory holds that these elements have a cumulative effect on whether or not a potential customer will convert upon entry.


Prevent Slips and Falls with These 5 Facility Safety Products

Fall and winter months are relatively dangerous operating times for retail outlets. Between bustling holiday crowds and unpredictable snowstorms, property owners face the important and sometimes difficult task of maintaining storefront safety on a daily basis. Fortunately, preventing slips and falls is easy with the right equipment. Commercial floor mats are essential, especially weatherproof matting made of rubber, polypropylene, or aluminum/carpet hybrid systems. Also important are crowd control systems and umbrella bag dispensers, each contributing in their own unique way to safety through the season. To learn more about the 5 best products for preventing accidents through 2014, visit this article on the Umbrella Bagger Blog.

Preventing Slippery Floors and Accidents with Umbrella Bags

Free Infographic: Prevent Slippery Floors, Reduce Accidents

Preventing slippery floors is critical for all business owners. As illustrated in the infographic above, slip and fall accidents cost American business owners billions of dollars each year. Moreover, the Liberty Mutual Research Institute reports that slip and fall accidents have increased between 1998 and 2008, unlike the other top 10 accident categories, each of which have slowly declined in real cost over time. This infographic has been produced by Umbrella Bagger, the Web’s leading provider of high quality Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers for commercial business and property owners. For your free copy, claim the embed code by visiting Free Infographic: Prevent Slippery Floors, Reduce Accidents.