Preventing Slippery Floors and Accidents with Umbrella Bags

Free Infographic: Prevent Slippery Floors, Reduce Accidents

Preventing slippery floors is critical for all business owners. As illustrated in the infographic above, slip and fall accidents cost American business owners billions of dollars each year. Moreover, the Liberty Mutual Research Institute reports that slip and fall accidents have increased between 1998 and 2008, unlike the other top 10 accident categories, each of which have slowly declined in real cost over time. This infographic has been produced by Umbrella Bagger, the Web’s leading provider of high quality Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers for commercial business and property owners. For your free copy, claim the embed code by visiting Free Infographic: Prevent Slippery Floors, Reduce Accidents.


11 Tips for Worjplace Safety

There are many ways to prevent accidents in implementing these methods, you need to communicate your expectations obviously and be constant. First and foremost, safety books are needed to ensure all personnel understand specific safety problems, preventive measures, and more. In addition to safety policies, companies are a good idea to select someone to oversee facility-wide safety. They, known as the ‘risk manager,’ is vital in the continued safety of both visitors and workers. For extra office safety ideas, visit this short article on