Free Shipping and Price Match Guarantee on All Umbrella Bag Stands

Thinking of enhancing customer experience, but not sure where to start? It’s a common challenge for most businesses in retail, hospitality, and service industries. And for brands that rely on in-store/ on-site interaction with customers, nothing builds a positive first impression better than letting them know you care. Good aesthetics, helpful employees, and safety are all essentials. In addition to floor mats and coat checks, businesses are also investing in wet umbrella bag stands to address customer experience, service, and safety concerns. Read more about these must-have safety products, and learn how you can earn Free Shipping and a 100% Price Match Guarantee when you order online.


Holiday Season Retail Safety Checklist

Just because Christmas is over does not mean retail store owners can shelf their concern for in-store safety. The National Retail Federation cites the Saturday following Christmas (known as Super Saturday) as one of the top 10 busiest shopping days of the year, most likely fueled by customers who are making returns. The potential for danger lingers through the new year and into spring as unpredictable and sometimes severe weather also threatens to make premises wet and slippery. To ensure customer safety while also focusing on limiting your liability, follow this Holiday Season Retail Safety Checklist. Published by the editors of the Umbrella Bagger Blog, this guide provides an overview of planning, executing, and managing events in a way that maximizes safety for both customers and employees.

Tips for Tenant Safety

Developers and project managers are beginning to pay more attention to tenant safety. In apartment complexes, tenants are exposed to several dangers for which the property owner might be liable (responsible). If found liable, owners might be forced to compensate tenants for damages and, in cases of unconscionable negligence, owners may by levied with additional punitive damages. The costs are high, which is why property owners must invest in tenant safety. For additional insights on tenant safety and accident prevention, visit this article on the Umbrella Bagger Blog. Announces Retail Safety Awareness Campaign

In response to a new study that shows slips and falls are mostly the result of poorly maintained floors, has announced a new awareness campaign for retail safety. This holiday season, retailers are smart to plan for the most busy days of the year by concentrating on preventing slip and fall accidents. Umbrella Bagger specializes in selling umbrella stands and dispenser units designed to keep wet umbrellas from making slippery situations in entryway floors. This year, the company has posted the 10 busiest shopping days on the Umbrella Bagger Blog, along with tips to keep storefronts in tip-top condition for excited holiday shoppers.

Automatic Umbrella Wrappers Make Debut in Washington DC

In regards to customer care and experience, what is really a good investment? In increasing numbers, companies with brick-and-mortar locations are just starting to realize that ‘good investments’ range from anything that provide a much more comfortable and enjoyable customer experience. New Automatic Umbrella Wrappers can be seen popping up in retail outlets and hotels through the Washington DC area, indicating that homeowners are usually planning ‘comfort’ together with ‘safety’ when seeking to improve services this fall.

Preventing Accidents and Liability from Wet Umbrellas

Accident prevention can be a center point for most firms, particularly those in the hospitality, retail, and other services sectors. In blocking injuries, property owners pro-actively reduce their exposure to liability, making certain operations aren’t sidetracked by costly litigation. In this article, we explore the duties that homeowners owe to guests and the ways in which businesses could be aggressive in avoiding rainy day accidents. Why wet umbrellas present this type of threat to companies and property owners to understand, it is beneficial to first address a couple of principles on property owner liability. A legal concept, property owner liability explores the extent to which the owner of a store-front, facility, or other bit of property is responsible, or liable, for the incidents that occur on the premises. After understanding the idea of ‘liability,’ businesses should then identify particular aspects of procedures that show them to liability.