How to Find the Perfect Umbrella Stand for a Store, Hotel, or Commercial Business

Everyone knows that preventing slip and fall accidents starts with a proactive plan for keeping floors clean, dry, and safe throughout operating hours. Hotels, retail storefronts, and high end shopping and leisure destinations understand this concept well. Visit any of these commercial properties, and you will always find products designed to minimize moisture and debris accumulation. Most popular are commercial mats and umbrella bag stands. These two products are designed to neutralize the biggest safety threats: Dirty shoes and wet umbrellas. Mat selection should be based on several factors, including visitor flow, temperature, mat location, and weather needs. Many of the same standards can be used to select an umbrella safety product as well. Cans, stands, racks, and “automatic umbrella wrappers” are 4 of the most popular umbrella products on the market. Visit this article for a point blank comparison of the pros and cons of each, including price and liability concerns.


Crowd Management Tips for Retailers

Each year, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) publishes tips for crowd management safety for retailers. This year, OSHA released a statement encouraging all retail outlets to review in-store strategy for preventing accidents and protecting individuals during busy holiday shopping events (i.e. Black Friday). Visit this article for a summary of OSHA’s release, including tips for planning, controlling, and satisfying large crowds of customers. The holiday season might be over, but crowd management is still a safety concern!

Holiday Season Retail Safety Checklist

Just because Christmas is over does not mean retail store owners can shelf their concern for in-store safety. The National Retail Federation cites the Saturday following Christmas (known as Super Saturday) as one of the top 10 busiest shopping days of the year, most likely fueled by customers who are making returns. The potential for danger lingers through the new year and into spring as unpredictable and sometimes severe weather also threatens to make premises wet and slippery. To ensure customer safety while also focusing on limiting your liability, follow this Holiday Season Retail Safety Checklist. Published by the editors of the Umbrella Bagger Blog, this guide provides an overview of planning, executing, and managing events in a way that maximizes safety for both customers and employees. Announces Retail Safety Awareness Campaign

In response to a new study that shows slips and falls are mostly the result of poorly maintained floors, has announced a new awareness campaign for retail safety. This holiday season, retailers are smart to plan for the most busy days of the year by concentrating on preventing slip and fall accidents. Umbrella Bagger specializes in selling umbrella stands and dispenser units designed to keep wet umbrellas from making slippery situations in entryway floors. This year, the company has posted the 10 busiest shopping days on the Umbrella Bagger Blog, along with tips to keep storefronts in tip-top condition for excited holiday shoppers.

Preventing Slippery Floors and Accidents with Umbrella Bags

Free Infographic: Prevent Slippery Floors, Reduce Accidents

Preventing slippery floors is critical for all business owners. As illustrated in the infographic above, slip and fall accidents cost American business owners billions of dollars each year. Moreover, the Liberty Mutual Research Institute reports that slip and fall accidents have increased between 1998 and 2008, unlike the other top 10 accident categories, each of which have slowly declined in real cost over time. This infographic has been produced by Umbrella Bagger, the Web’s leading provider of high quality Automatic Wet Umbrella Wrappers for commercial business and property owners. For your free copy, claim the embed code by visiting Free Infographic: Prevent Slippery Floors, Reduce Accidents.

Review of Washing DC Area Retail and Shopping

The Washington, DC area has a number of great neighborhoods for shopping. Through the area you’ll find multiple locations of the large national stores such as Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Gap, Old Navy, etc. If you know where to look, you’ll also find a lot of unique stores and shopping locations. Here is a guide to help you find the best neighborhoods for shopping in Maryland, DC, Washington and Northern Virginia.

Defining Customer Experience

There is no doubt that today’s retail business is much more competitive than that of the past. As a result, it has become more essential for businesses to provide a fantastic customer experience. By focusing on how a customer moves through the buying cycle, firms will offer help, information, promotions, and other value-added services along the way. Inturn, customers tend to be more likely to find the business over competitors. To learn more about client knowledge enhancement, visit this Wiki page.