What is the Best Umbrella Stand for a Small Restaurant?

Small business owners and restauranteurs are wise to invest in umbrella stands for a variety of reasons. Most obvious is the benefit such stands provide to patrons. After all, who wants to eat dinner aside a sopping wet umbrella? Invest in a stand, and allow guests to easily hang-dry their umbrellas on stormy afternoons and evenings. Wet umbrella stands provide another less obvious benefit, however. In providing a space for umbrellas to hang dry, these racks help to prevent the formation of dangerous puddles at the restaurant entryway.


Umbrella Racks, Cans, and Stands

What type of umbrella safety product is best for your place of business? A can? A rack? Or, perhaps a new auto-wrapping unit? Wet umbrellas are a big factor when it comes to slip and fall accidents, as they often contribute to puddles and slick spots on the floor. A simple product, like an umbrella can, can prevent costly accidents by reminding guests to leave wet umbrellas at the door, before they have a chance to cause a slip and fall accident.

What are the best umbrella stands?

Are you considering the purchase of a new umbrella stand, can, or automatic wrapper? If so, you might be wondering which product will deliver the best value. Umbrella cans are nice, but they are limited in their capacity to hold umbrellas. High end automatic umbrella wrappers are eye catching to tech savvy property owners, but do you really need all the bells and whistles? Visit this page to compare the industry’s 7 most popular types of umbrella safety products. Learn more about stands, auto-wrappers, and cans, and decide which is the best fit for your place of business.

Umbrella Wrapper Dispensers for High End Destinations

If you’re shopping for an umbrella wrapper dispenser, you may have noticed a new product that has gained the attention of high end destinations nationwide. Called “automatic umbrella wrappers,” these new units appeal to high end retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and resorts for their superior design and ease of use. Sharp aesthetics and hassle-free operation make these auto-wrappers incredibly easy to use. Guests simply insert the umbrella, push downward, and smoothly pull toward the body. Wet umbrellas are smoothly wrapped in a disposable, water-tight bag to prevent messy puddles and slips. To learn more about the benefits of choosing an auto-wrapper over more traditional umbrella stands, visit this article on the Umbrella Bagger Blog.

Holiday Season Retail Safety Checklist

Just because Christmas is over does not mean retail store owners can shelf their concern for in-store safety. The National Retail Federation cites the Saturday following Christmas (known as Super Saturday) as one of the top 10 busiest shopping days of the year, most likely fueled by customers who are making returns. The potential for danger lingers through the new year and into spring as unpredictable and sometimes severe weather also threatens to make premises wet and slippery. To ensure customer safety while also focusing on limiting your liability, follow this Holiday Season Retail Safety Checklist. Published by the editors of the Umbrella Bagger Blog, this guide provides an overview of planning, executing, and managing events in a way that maximizes safety for both customers and employees.